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Hi I'm Rachael, founder of Animal Botanical.

Im a Medical Herbalist registered and accredited with NIMH (the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. I am also an animal healer practicing physically, energetically and with herbs.

Animal Botanical is the culmination of a life time career working in these industries and I am blessed to be able to share the gorgeous herbs and my kowledge with you.

Our herbs have been specially selected for their individual qualities in helping animals. We are lead by the herbs, the seasons and our animals.

Bringing you a wide range of herbs, hydrosols and herbal powders which are regularly selected by animals (and us!).

All purchases come with a practical information sheet and a healing prayer or intention, which will help you get the most physically and energetically out of the herb, hydrosol or powder.

All of our herbal boxes also come with a weeks free access to Herbal Shenanigans, our amazing online herbal membership programme.

You can find details about the programme - where we show you herbal learning for you and your animals. We are also accredited by UKRS.


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